Don’t Accept Limitation

Don’t Accept Limitation

Limitation Quotes

Limits… accomplish something important: they force us to figure out what’s important. And if we don’t want to figure out what’s important, they force us to figure out why. Leo Babauta

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. Brendan Francis Behan

Anything beyond your capacity will necessarily change your capacity, because so long as everything is within your limits, you don’t know what is beyond them… Meher Baba

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7 Startup Strategies to Gain From Your Limitations

1. Do it yourself with new tools rather than hire outside help.

They look for creative solutions to problems that are inhibiting progress, rather than the conventional solution of outsourcing or hiring people. For example, many founders now use makerspaces such as TechShop to build prototypes without the costs and long lead times of manufacturers.

2. Focus on a top productivity bottleneck each week.

Startups funded by large venture-capital investments rarely think about productivity. I can think of cases where executives actually created make-work activities to keep idle people on the payroll in case they might be needed later. It’s better to use creativity and tools to find better ways of doing things…

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Don’t Accept Limitation

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